does this block of clay have buddha nature?

Well, I'm back in the studio this week, and what you see above is the incipient form of what will be my 54 slipcast buddhas, the ones that will venture out into the world to do good in unexpected places. I have to confess, after manhandling this very heavy block of clay into place on the table, and confronting its unrefined mass, I draped myself over it and burst into tears.

My husband happened to be in the studio at the time, getting some tiles into the kiln. I said "I can't help it! It's like there's this very loud voice in my head saying 'who the f*** do you think you are, to take on this work?'"

"That's OK." he said. "All artists have voices in their heads. It's part of what keeps you doing the work. Just do the work." He went on to say something about Jackson Pollack which made me laugh, and the moment of tears and doubt passed, and I went on to doing math and hacking chunks of clay out of the big mass.

It's true for all of us, artists or not. Parts of you will doubt, and scream discouragement. You just need to keep doing the work.