taking shape

Remember the block of clay that I showed you in the last post? Here it is after today's progress. I find this sculpting by hand to be a much more intimate process than drawing or painting. Hands-on-clay is so immediate and sensual. In creating a body-of-Buddha, however humble, I do truly feel I am connecting with Buddha energy, I am in meditation, and I am learning. This is exactly what I hoped this process would be! I took my glasses off and worked a lot by feel today, connecting with the roundness of shoulders, the receptivity of lap, the aspiration of the crown of the head. We should be pouring the mold on Thursday, which is very exciting.

I'll leave you today with these verses from Thich Nhat Hanh:
The Buddha is like the fresh, full moon
that soars across the immense sky. 
When the river of mind is truly calm,
the moon is reflected perfectly
upon the surface of deep waters.

Dwelling in the refuge of Buddha,
I clearly see the path of light and beauty in the world.

Taking refuge in the Buddha in myself,
I aspire to help all people recognize their own awakened nature,
realizing the Mind of Love.

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