We've started the process of pouring new sculptures from our freshly cast mold - it's terribly exciting and also really hard work... I'll be sharing more about that process with you in an upcoming post.

Today I offer you this image. This is the piece from which we cast the mold. I carved it out of a solid block of clay. In the process of creating the mold, this piece was severely damaged.  Of course this was expected! The original for the castings is made never to be fired. Today I took this heavy, damaged but beautiful solid chunk of buddha clay out into the meadow and placed him beneath a tree which I can see from my studio window. Being raw, this piece will disintegrate in the elements, I have no idea how quickly. I will watch this disintegration from my window.

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  1. Ahhh, the nature of impermanence...or is it the impermanence of nature?