How To Participate

How to Participate in the 108 Buddhas Project
The 108 Buddhas Project has a participatory element. 54 of my 108 pieces are to be slipcast sculptures just like the one you see above, in a variety of glaze colours and textures.  These pieces will not be sold in the traditional way. These pieces, and many more like them, will be “released into the wild,” taken out into the world by project participants, perhaps by you.

If you participate, you will be given responsibility for one buddha sculpture.   
You will not keep the sculpture, you will release it. 
 Releasing Art into the Wild
My original vision for this project was to see many little Buddhas loose in the world, reminding people of their own beauty and sacred nature. How will that work?

Through the art of slipcasting, and through collaboration with you.

I created an original clay sculpture; you can see it here. From this sculpture we created a mold, and from that mold, I am creating 54 little buddhas (that's half of my 108!), each to be glazed and fired a little differently, to have their own unique colours, textures, and personalities. You can see one of the completed sculptures in the photo above. They are about 11" high, and made of porcelain, which means they can live inside or outside.

Here's where you come in. Each of these 54 Buddhas are being adopted by one of you. It will be your job to take the Buddha and release it into the wild. What is your idea of a place where a reminder of our buddhanature would be welcome?
  • under a tree in the forest
  • in the public space of a hospice, hospital, or shelter
  • on a troubled city street
  • in the home of someone who needs hope or healing
  • in a meditation centre
  • in a police station, jail, or courthouse
  • at a hospital emergency room
  • in a daycare centre
I'm sure you can add dozens of places to this list!
Some places participants have already chosen are:
  • the garden of a medical clinic
  • the home of a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's
  • the home of a recently bereaved parent
  • the garden of a community arts centre
  • the hospice where a loved one spent his last weeks
  • the home of a friend fighting cancer
Whatever  place you choose for your Buddha will be the right choice.
This is why I'm counting on you to bring this project to life. This aspect of the project will be rolling out slowly between now and May 2013, as I create the sculptures.
As a participant, you'll be asked to do the following:
  • Make a commitment to following through with releasing your sculpture before May 7,  2013.
  • Make a financial contribution of $108 to support the artist and the project.
  • Commit to documenting your process by submitting photos and your story for publication on this blog.
Are You Ready to Participate?

Click the button below to submit your $108 fee via PayPal*.  Once I receive it, I'll get started on creating your Buddha, and I'll be in touch with you within a day with all the details, and to talk to you about your glaze colour choices and your plan for the Buddha. Your Buddha will be on its way to you within three weeks. Sign up by clicking below:

*Please be aware that depending on your location, there may be shipping charges of up to $20 when it comes time to ship you your Buddha. You won't be charged until I ship your piece.

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